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Company Profile of  M A Y R  Software


The MAYR Software is a company based in Erlangen/ Germany. The area of responsibility includes the entire data transfer in process control and telecontrol systems. Due to more than 30 years of experience in this field we like to share our know-how with our customers.



Since 1977, the developer of the software, Mr. Werner Mayr has already worked in this area. He was involved as freelancer in the development and commissioning of large control center systems and telecontrol installations at home and abroad. At this time only hardware based tools for troubleshooting have been available, if present at all. That has made commisioning relatively difficult. With the development and rapid spread of Personel Computers the idea was born to develop a PC based diagnostic software for this field. Thus arose over time, out of a simple software for capture the comfortable LIAN software under the operating system MS-DOS. Besides the supervision of the complete data traffic the software can simulate both master as well as slave of different transmission protocols simultaneously. Since 1991, the LIAN-DOS software is now in use. In the year 2002 was created for asynchronous and network protocols the diagnostic software LIAN 98 for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems in which of course also is incorporated the already over 10 years experience out of the LIAN-DOS software.

In the early days of telecontrol technologie, innumerable and most different transmission protocols were developed for the individual requirements of customers. Only with the introduction of the norm IEC-60870-5-101 in the year 1995 this serial protocol has been established as official standard in distributed processes for the automation of electrical networks in the telecontrol. Also the serial protection device connection described in the norm 60870-5-103 and the communication standard for LAN-/ WAN networks according to the IEC 60870-5-104 became widely accepted. For the metering of electrical energy and the transmission of integrated totals, standards IEC 60870-5-102 and IEC 62056-21 ( former 61107 ) are increasingly deployed besides the previously used protocols.


Products and Services

Our focus is on developing of software :


LIAN DOS – Line Analyzing Software

for protocols based on pulse width measuring ( digital pulse-width-modulation and synchronous pulse-code-modulatin ) because the measuring of pulses in the range of micro-/ milliseconds is not possible under Microsoft® Windows®.


LIAN 98 – Protocol Router, Simulator and Analyzer

For protocols based on asynchronous pulse-code-modulation and network protocols under the operating systems Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows® 98.


104Router – Protocol Router ( software and hardware )

is a router for the process operation with integrated interface analysis. Protocols are converted from 6 serial ports on two network interfaces. A quick and inexpensive solution for the transmission between control center and the substations. The great advantage is in addition to the router function the built-in analyzing tools for monitoring data traffic.


Service for our customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are constantly striving to complement and improve the software. Suitable suggestions of our customers are always welcome. The latest software updates are always available free of charge in the internet, support to the operation of the software is a matter of course for us.



to ensure that our customers can fully exploit all possibilities of the software, we offer cost-effective on-site training. Since the transmission protocols have become more complex and the information more abstract and provided with additional attributes, we offer additionally trainings for the protocols of the IEC 60870-5 series.


Program code for the process interface

In the LIAN 98 software master and slave simulation are implemented for the particular protocols. Whereas LIAN 98 independently the complete link layer handles. It is more cost effective to integrate already existing and tested program components of LIAN 98 into a control center software to realize the required process interface. Therefore we offer to developers for purchase protocol-specific software modules that handles the link layer. All necessary modules for the link layer of a master or slave, will be supplied as “C++ Source Code for Microsoft® Visual Studio” with an interface from and to the application layer.



Our customers include both, developers and operators of telecontrol installations and SCADA systems worldwide. Because our customers are very contented with our products and our service, there are a lot of satisfied partnerships over many years.



We are looking for serious partners in countries around the world
for the distribution of our  L I A N  products.

If you are working in one of the sectors
"SCADA control- and monitoring systems, telecontrol systems or substation automation"
and you are interested to sell our products in your country
please feel free to contact us for further information.